Friday, 16 November 2012

child designed plasters

These plasters are a great way to get your kids involved in some of the personalised gifts this year. 

Simple, but would make getting hurt way more fun! ;)

Start with some plain, boring plasters. Ignore the washi tape, I decided I liked this idea better!

Get your budding artist to draw some pictures on them. Izzy did flowers on most, but on the bigger ones she did pictures of her friend, who was the recipient, and her playing together. 

Then I greabbed one of my unused tuppaware tubs (one of a few the same size from Ikea which I don't use that often.) and put a square of vinyl and some letters.

She was thrilled to have her own craft project to do. 

If you like doodling too you could make some as stocking stuffers. This made a great extra gift for Izzy's friend's birthday. 

What would you draw?

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