Thursday, 2 August 2012

Road trip activities

I am SO excited. 

You know that the reason for "no spend summer" was to save for an awesome extended family holiday this summer?

Well, we are going sooooon! However we will need to travel for a while to get there, and my kids are not such good travelers, so I knew I needed some activities to keep them occupied for there and back travel and also for other days out.

Here's what I came up with:

Car bingo (and paper, pens, stickers in a folder).

With the kids' names on so they can keep all the other activities in here too. Well at least that's the plan!

Age appropriate-ish wookbooks.

Water painting book, cut in half and washi taped together cos I'm cheap, with aquadoodle pens.

Dry wipe books. These have an awesome pen that is an eraser for the pen when the lid's on. Which I know will be a big hit with my two.

I've also put together some easy snacks and drinks. I'll just give them one book/pack an hour or so to keep it all fresh (idea for the delays from Made it on Monday).

(Spot the nosey little boy in the background!)

You can totally tailor this to your kids too. But mine are really into art!

Plus I think having one of their own of each of the activities will work well too. 

What about you? What do you swear by for road trips?


  1. If we go anywher, it pretty much depends on a long road trip to get there. I wrote up a whole post about all of my travel tips.

    I hope you have a great time!!


    1. Ha ha, I actually already read that one! Told you I read a few when I was over there. Followed your advice with the first aid kids and lining up the bags near the door when they were done. Helped my hubs to get bags in the boot tetris style! Thanks for the very useful post :)