Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Boys jeans refashion

So, this happened to Ethan's jeans. 

I was literally in the process of binning them when I remembered I could sew, and that they still fit him on the waist. 

I used another pair of shorts as a guide for length then cut and pinned and sewed.

Now he has a new pair of shorts.

After these photos I decided to bribe him:


Hooray for sewing to save me some money on shorts. 

Though I guess it's evened out unfortunately, because I was shopping with my sisters and the kids last week and looking at shoes. All the sudden I noticed a horrible smell. And of course my first reaction was "someone with really smelly feet has tried on these shoes!", but then I saw Ethan out of the corner of my eye.

Covered in sick.

(no photo, you're welcome)

SO my sister ran into the next door shop and bought him a new outfit while I tried my best to clean a gallon of kid sick off my poorly boy and his pushchair. 

Glamorous? Absolutely!

Don't worry, once we made our way home (with all the windows open, but man did it still stink!) and he was cleaned up he looked more like this...

Yep, I'm pretty sure he's gonna be an architect.


  1. Don't you just loe it when you can upcycle one thing into another??? Jean to shorts make a lot of sense if all that was ruined were the bottoms of the legs. Nice job!

    1. Absolutely! He's grown but gotten slimmer! So it was a perfect solution for him. Thanks for reading :)