Thursday, 23 August 2012

Ideas for kids - number bingo

I've been following mommy school with Cheri from I am momma hear me roar. I finally got around to doing one of her ideas.

This one looked easy to set up and was good for preparing my daughter for reception (I think it's the same as kindergarten? She's four.), and I thought it would also appeal to my two year old.

The idea is you draw a picture and put numbers on it. Then they roll a dice and count the dots. Then stamp the number.

Helps with number recognition, counting; and by the end of our first picture Izzy could recognise the one, two, three and five on the dice without counting. 

Plus Ethan enjoyed stamping and practicing counting too. We helped him count, as it's still a new concept, and we showed which number was where on his picture. 

Simple and educational. That's what I like! 

Speaking of simple fun, here's how our "summer" has been spent this week!

Am really loving spending time with the kids this week. (Except from  a few melt downs...) I can't believe Izzy will be at full time school in two weeks! I'm  sure Ethan and I will love the alone time, but we won't have Izzy as much, and I'm realising that from now on we'll be spending less and less time together. But it is making me make more of our time together. 

It's pushing me to do more with them. Make more of our time together. So there may well be a couple more posts like this in case you're feeling the same. 

In the spirit of this I'm wanting to work on Izzy writing more of the numbers now, anyone got any ideas that work for their kids to make it fun?

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