Friday, 31 August 2012

5 simple card ideas

Recently I wrote down all the birthdays and Christmas presents I have to buy/make until the end of the year.

That was scary.

So I decided to get the cards out of the way asap. You may already know that I'm too cheap to buy cards, haven't for years (except the odd cute thanks /note card pack).

So here's a few I made quickly and with things I had on hand!

(excuse the photos, I'm still without a camera and used my sister's phone!)

This one is for my brother, he's in his twenties, but I'm pretty sure this could be for lots of people on your card list; kids, grandparents, dads, girlfriends...(would that just be me?).

I just grabbed some acetate and cut a small strip, folded and stuck half round the back, and drew a 'stache on. Now my brother will never have to grow one. Again. His wife will thank me later!

This one's for my daughter's friend, who's having a party in a couple of weeks. He's really into star wars, and loves to talk about all the different characters. Yoda's one (of many) favourites! I googled "yoda silhouette" and traced from the screen onto some freezer paper and cut out - this is actually going to be the stencil for a tee I'm (hoping to) make for his gift. I used the cut out part to draw around, coloured it in,then added a groan worthy pun. 

This would also work for lots of boys/men I can think of.

This one is for another brother, and would work well for any man I reckon. I found the idea here after pinterest-ing (it's totally a thing! It's like googling.) "man card". I can't find the original source, but I did the above one then...

made a personalised one for my hubs. Ridiculously he has actually done all of these things. I know, I know.

This one is super cheesy for my sister, but could be for any teen. She'll think it's even more funny because she explained most of these to me tbh ("to be honest" fyi! Okay I'll stop now.)

Unfortunately this one photographed particularly badly :( but it's just a strip of ribbon with the person's name in alpha stickers and some "extras". I've done this for new babies and birthdays. In fact I was told one is framed! It does look a LOT better in person. But is a simple idea for lots of occasions. 

Feeling so much better now they're done! Now onto the gifts...wish me luck!

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  1. I don't know what any of that on the blue card means. Well gtg might be got to I like your card ideas.