Sunday, 20 May 2012

DIY Family Tree

I saw this amazing idea on etsy recently (argh, but I didn't pin it! If anyone knows where it is let me know!), here and thought I'd try to make one for my mum using PicMonkey.

I just made a photo white using a white rectangle "sticker". Then just added the names, editing the colour and angle.

My mum and dad are the trunk, then their kids are darker green (eight of us!), our spouses are a lighter green and my kids (the only grand kids so far) are the lightest green. 

I even got excited and made on for my grandma!

Both of them loved it. (phew)

Even though I misspelled one of my brother's middle names. And got their wedding year wrong.

But it's okay, I just told her it was the draft copy.

Here's the "draft copy" at my mum's. 

Gotta love some cheap personal artwork.

Speaking of...

I took this picture when we went to the beach last November (that was Izzy's idea, it was SO cold! But still awesome!).

It goes right next to our gallery wall. Please ignore the middle frame that fell onto the one below. I'll get to it. At some point.

It's kinda big. And Izzy loves it! 

Plus it's great quality, even though it was taken on my husband's old phone. Awesome!

So what have you made into personalised art? Any other ideas?


  1. I love the family tree pic! How do you make the white background? I'veattempted that, but it never turns out right. Any help or advice would be appreciated!!! :D

    1. I just uploaded a photo and used the sticker function to make a big white rectangle to cover the whole background. Then there's a button at the bottom to make the sticker stay put. It's called "merge together overlays" or something. That just stops you from clicking on it and moving that by accident instead of your text.

      Then you can add your text boxes. If you do a few with white backgrounds (like printables) it's worth just saving the white "photo" for uploading so you can always start with a white base. Hope that helps. Would a full tute be useful? With screen shots? Not sure I explain myself well without pictures!

      Hope I've helped Wendy! And good luck! xx

    2. I would love a full tutorial! -Holly

    3. Wrote one here that should help! You do it the same but just change the angles of the text to look like a tree shape.

  2. What a great idea....thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks! And a lot simpler than it looks!

  3. Hi there,
    What a cute blog. I saw your tree and it looks a lot like the one I created for Mother's day. My stupid laptop is not letting me copy my link so I will write it out :)
    Anyway, I got my inspiration from a pillow my Etsy and I linked back to it on my post, so maybe it is the same one you saw:)
    Anyway, I am your newest follower. If you would like, follow me too :)

    1. Thanks so much! I saw that pillow on Pinterest too! It's not the same that I saw when I thought up this, but similar. LOVE your take on it! Thanks so much for following along, am heading over now to stalk your blog some more ;)

  4. So cute, thanks for sharing!

  5. I like the clam shell photo very much.