Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Chalkboard Table

Izzy and Ethan got a table from Ikea a couple of years ago. I painted the bare wood...

Here's how it looked for a while. You really can't see in this photo but the top had taken a bit of a battering! It was covered in pen and paint and the varnish had begun to yellow.

So I sanded it down and gave it a couple of coats of chalkboard paint.

The verdict? They love it! :) Which makes me happy too!

And I love that I can label it. The possibilities! 

I can assure you that you'll see it featuring in the kids' upcoming parties. We have two this month. 

Here it is in it's usual place. Next to my chalkboard.

Wondering why the photo is so tightly cropped?

If only the rest of my kitchen was so nicely organised as the little table.

Oh, and in the top right there's some green things perched on my desk? Those are the party favours for Ethan's birthday! I'm very excited! 

Can you tell what they are yet? :)

More photos to come soon!

But right now I'm just enjoying a successful revamp. 

If you read this post you'll know why I'm so proud of this picture of Uncle Ben's house!

P.S. I still have half a tin of chalkboard paint left...any ideas what should be next?


  1. So cute! I am loving chalkboard everything :)

  2. That is adorable and looks like tons of fun! I would love for you to share this (and any other creations) at my new linky party "Pin It and Win It Wednesday" at www.cheapcraftymama.com!

  3. That is SO ADORABLE and looks like tons of fun! Thanks for linking up to "Pin It and Win It Wednesday" @www.cheapcraftymama.com! The new party is starting tonight, please join us again!

  4. This is such a cute idea! My kids would love it... seeing as the only way they can play with chalk is if they go in the driveway. They would love to be able to play with chalk in doors! Thanks for linking it up over at The Winthrop Chronicles!

  5. Cute idea! Too bad I just got rid of a little table like that. Now I have something to look for at garage sales this summer.

  6. Rhiannon, what a great idea for the kids' art table. It seems like they are really enjoying it! Thanks for sharing in the DIY Talent Parade!