Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bow Tie - Fail?

I saw this super cute idea from Kelly at Sewing in no man's land.

A felt clip on bow tie for a little boy (click across and check them out, her models are adorable too! Plus she's a pro photographer, such cute pictures!)

And thought, I can totally make them! I did mine a little different (read "easier" ;) ). Sunday morning I tried in on Ethan for church...

Lets just say Ethan is not going to be the next Dr. Who.

Apparently ties are a big yes. Bow ties? No.

Fortunately Izzy already thought the "clips" were for her.


Plus I actually think they look pretty cute as over-sized bows!

I wish I had better photos, but in all honesty it was wet outside and I couldn't find my shoes...

So I'm thinking not a fail? At least one of my kids will get use out of them. And they were so easy too! Literally took as long to heat up my glue gun as to make them!


  1. Not a fail! Look how happy she is!

    I am awarding you the Versatile Blog Award! Stop by and pick it up!


    Jill @ Create.Craft.Love.

  2. well is surely looks adorable!!!! i guess we won't be sending the tardis for a ride with Ethan...not just yet! who knows...??? : ) hugs...

  3. Hi! Visiting from the Winthrop Chronicles. I love your bow! Its super cute. At least your daughter got some use out of it :)

    Im your newest follower. Would love a follow back if you like my site too :)

  4. That is really cute! Love it! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.