Friday, 15 April 2011

Why to buy an extra three easter eggs

Or how I justified this purchase to my husband (and the subsequent consumption of the afore mentioned (big) eggs)

Though I must point out they were on buy one get two free!

So a really quick simple Easter idea for your kids and/or babysitter :) (thanks and most credit to my wonderful sister Bethany who has been over all week helping to entertain and reorganise my home).

Buy up your eggs according to number of participants. Then empty the smarties/malteasers/mini eggs into little pots. Unwrap the eggs and either decorate as a whole egg or break it up for smaller children as my daughter struggled with the whole egg rolling around.

I used melted chocolate mixed with about one third cream because it stays runnier longer and tastes really good with banana dipped in for the extra!

And then let the kids go to work!

I let even Ethan participate too...

Such a sweet innocent face...but covered in chocolate!

Copying off her mum and dipping banana in the chocolate sauce! (remember to keep it in the fridge cos it has cream in it.)

Some of our lovely creations:

And they were goooood!


  1. Looks eggstremely delicious : )
    Jo xxxx

  2. Yum I have some sweets and chocolate I need to use I feel a fun day comming up for Charlotte thanks for the inspiration :) xx