Thursday, 28 April 2011

Pin Board (and the death of peppa pig)

It was my sister's birthday and I decided to whip up a pin board for all of her important notices now she is a responsible grown up and going off to uni in September.

So I found a large frame in a charity shop and removed the glass and back.

Then sanded...

And cleaned.. 

Do you love all the actual action shots? I totally fix up things with a camera in my good hand.

Then laid some papers down and perched the frame on top of some milk bottle tops. Cos I'm a pro you know.

(Please note it is not a good idea to use old Peppa Pig magazines while your daughter is napping as she will notice when she comes to inspect your spraying and be distraught.)

Said bottle top.

Poor Peppa.

After the first coat. I did two and was quite libral, but when I was looking today the side seemed like it could do with another coat. Just because the angle was trickier to see (plus it was really windy outside!).

The next steps I don't have photos for as my husband was busy watching a very important football game. El clasico? Anyway I wrapped some fabric around the back board and hot glued pulling it tight, and then glued the ribbons. On a wonky angle of course, I need my non conformist ribbons to match the student :)

Nice shot of husband's shoe neatly put away.

Then of course some thickers and a fabric flower (do I embellish with anything else?).

Now I know I should have probably used some cork behind, but lets face it, I'll be far away from her student pad when she realises that she's ruined her rented house and any chance of getting her deposit back. But it looks pretty. Anyway I'm sure that won't happen, and if it does how much harm can she do over the phone?


  1. Oy!!! Put some cork back there, it's not just her deposit you're ruining!!!

  2. To be honest rhiannon I don' think anyone minds that peppa pigs dead as she is annoying! Joke! Haha!!!xx