Monday, 25 April 2011

Happy Easter!


Yep, she got straight back on after that back flip.

nappy changing...

Great talks in church...

Just kidding, I mean the talks were great, but unfortunately not done by Izzy.

Then after an egg hunt we decorated our big eggs to look like scenes from the Easter story...(use your imagination)

"It is Easter e'cos it has eggs and chocolate and stars and sprinkles."

The empty tomb. (My dad)

I think, the empty tomb with Jesus (the chocolate rabbit obviously), his disciples (the marshmallows) and Judas as the mouse (but you'd already guessed that I'm sure!). (My sister Sophie)

An action shot.

And I'll leave you with the obligatory Easter volcano. (And I know you'll understand about the blurry photo as volcanoes are notoriously hard to photograph.)

What was your Easter full of? I can't be the only one whose was crazy!

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  1. Easter was a great fun at your house! you do such amaaaazing jobs at easter!