Thursday, 21 April 2011

Is it that obvious how rarely I get flowers?

So my husband says its something about hayfever and that when there's flowers in the house his nose gets blocked and eyes itch all through the night. Plus he is magically able to remember the one time I told him when we were dating that cut flowers were a waste of money (but somehow cannot remember the hundred times I've told him about the bedroom/hallway/living room floor NOT being the correct place for dirty and/or saving-for-tomorrow jeans.).

Anyhow I'll get to my point, I (hopefully like other people out there) don't get flowers very often. But I do love them! I love them on the window sill (where other women can be jealous of admire them) and I especially love them on the kitchen table, however I hate when a few start to wilt, and even if you take those out the vase still looks sad because it now looks like a pathetically small bouquet.

Well this is my solution:

Get your surviving flowers and cut the heads off.

Then float a few in a goldfish style bowl.

The best thing is you can fill the bowl with ten to fifteen heads or even just float five or so.

Izzy has informed Andy as well that she thinks "the flowers look pretty in the bowl." So at least I have another girl on my side too!

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  1. I think they look lovely and you inspired me to revamp my thinning bunch into a pretty Easter table decoration x