Monday, 7 February 2011

Starting 'em young

A few weeks ago I saw this "chore chart" and thought it looked really cute, so decided to do one for Izzy, cos you know she is nearly three and all. She needs to start earning her way. But mostly I just wanted to make one, an incentive for both of us to help her learn to tidy up her own messes!

I started off with a spare canvas I had from this project (about 8 x 8 inches) and painted it pink. It took about a day to dry completely.

Then I punched out seven circles and drew a picture of each job I wanted to include (don't panic, it's one or two a day, but I did that many to mix it up and keep it fresh!).

I then got some sticky dots and stuck the circles onto some colored card with plenty of space between them. Then I got one of my many empty baby food jars and used that to draw circles around them.

Cut them out...

I used the same jar to draw seven circles on yellow card and cut these out. Then I drew different happy faces. (You know to keeping it exciting, she IS still two after all!)

I used sticky dots to attach a job on one side and a face on the other of a peg.

I got some matching thick ribbon and super glued it on the back like this...

So that I could store the spare jobs on the back!

Then I played with it wishing it was ok to wake up my sleeping child to show her my creation.

I think I'm going to add some alphabet stickers on the bottom but no sure what to put. What do you think? 'Izzy's jobs', 'Jobs'?
And a final picture (sorry, can't resist!)


  1. She does! It's working better than I expected, which is good for both of us!