Sunday, 13 February 2011

DIY Crayons

Okay, so technically you're not going to make your own crayons but the will be funkier colours and way cooler shapes! (cylinder is SO last year!)

I saw a party bag idea on the homemade by Jill blog where she melted crayons to make car shapes for her son's party so I thought Izzy would love to try it. Plus she is also bored with 'normal' crayon shapes.

So while Izzy was napping I took all the papers off the crayons.

When I say 'I', I should probably point out that I had a little helper...

After we'd done that I waited for Izzy to wake up. And waited. And waited. And decided that I had no excuse not to empty the dishwasher. :(

Then when she woke up and put different colours in each hole of the silicone mould (ours is a train one), but you could use any silicone tray or even bun cases. Then we put it in the oven about 150C for about 15 mins.

I wish I'd put the moulds on a tray because when I took it out it spilt and I had to take out the whole shelf too!

When they were all set and cool I popped them out and Izzy loved them! SO much more fun with a new shape and swirly colours!

(sorry about the wrong way round photo, the uploader keeps flipping it! Taken me ages and it still looks like this!)

I love the way Jill has done them as party bag favours, and it's so easy that I think I'll try them for Izzy's party.

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