Wednesday, 24 October 2012

really easy but impressive risotto

I always get compliments when I make risotto, I think most people think it's really hard to get right - which is also what I thought until I made it! It's actually really yummy and filling, but doesn't take much effort. Here's how easy it is in case you're fancying something different tonight:

Chop your veg smallish and add now if they need to soften. I used a large onion, two carrots and half a broccoli. If you're using peas or sweetcorn just add them near the end.

A couple of minutes later add your meat, I used two chicken breasts and three rashers of bacon, but you could even leave out the meat and just stick with veg.

Don't leave the meat more than a couple of minutes before you add your risotto rice. I use around 300g for our family of four and have plenty left for lunch the next day.

After the rice has been in the wok a few minutes add a bit of stock. I used about 800ml of chicken stock in total. Add it gradually and stir well after each addition. While the rice absorbs your stock feel free to clean your kitchen, or as I chose to; sew up some new place mats. My sewing machine is in my kitchen/diner so I'd sew a bit then add stock and stir.

Once your rice has absorbed your stock add some cheese. I use mature cheddar. Give it a stir...

and it should look something like this. Gooey, but not pooling stock anywhere.  I always check if mine's done by eating a little and making sure the rice is soft. 

And you're done. Perfect for entertaining or just a tasty hearty meal. It takes me around 40-50 mins from chopping to eating, but you're not tied to the kitchen for most of that time.

Bit gutted I told the kids I make spaghetti bolognese tonight.

Fabric place mats tute coming soon!


  1. I want to eat that right now. YUM.

  2. I made risotto tonight with butternut squash, kale, maple bacon wand walnuts.. so good. Love this post.