Sunday, 28 October 2012

Personalised lunch boxes (without any fancy equipment!)

Both my kids needed new lunch boxes this school year. 

I love these kind because you can separate easily  and don't  need lots of tubs and containers. (no, sistema are most definitely not paying me, I just love these lunch boxes!) But let's face it, not so unique or child friendly design. 

So here's how to make yours eye catching and hard to get lost, and for bonus points, it'll help your pre-schooler learn their name!

Grab a piece of colourful vinyl and measure the area by sight - you know I rarely get rulers out.

Cut the vinyl to a rectangle the same width as the indent square, and as tall as you want your letters.

Turn the vinyl over and write out the name you want.... Then realise you were supposed to be doing the letters as a mirror image.

Cut out the ones that aren't effected by your mistake and scribble to make the remaining letters a mirror image.

Check that thankfully you cant tell all the crazy that's going on on the back side, and place as desired.

Peel off the back and stick down!

Done. Of course, you could miss out a couple of those middle steps and just do your letters the right way first time, but where's the fun in that?!

Love how much you can fit in these!

Plus these are dishwasher safe too! I've had vinyl on cups for over a year now and it's held up really well. And lets face it, if even the lunch box lasts a year I'll be pleased with that! :)