Tuesday, 16 October 2012

"meh" tee to "oh yeah!" tee week

Recently I've done different things to my families' tops to make them from the plain boring one in the set, to "Oh yeah! It's the              top today!" Even from my husband! :)

So I thought I'd show you the different ones I've done this week. Only problem? I've completed one for every person in our family except me...that will be part of the challenge too! To make something for me, and to pose for a photo...I'm starting to regret writing this.

Today it's girl tee day!

You may remember me sharing this photo a while back, it wasn't quite finished at that point, but is now!

With a few hours of embroidery I was able to make what is now Izzy's favourite tee. Now, you know me, I don't normally spend 3+ hours on little details, but I'd had this idea in my head a while. And actually, it wasn't bad at all to sew. While the kids played outside I'd pick up the needle and thread and sew a flower or two. 

I freehanded it all, as you can probably tell! But that was the look I was going for. It seems okay in the washing machine (it's been in twice), but a button has already needed re-sewing, so I'd recommend just hand washing if you do one yourself.

The main part is that Izzy loves it. And instead of it being the boring top she never wants to wear, it's now the one she asks for. That makes for a happy mum! 

I would like to point out that I didn't even suggest this pose, this was all her! Though she did know that a custard cream was at stake, maybe she was thinking she might get upgraded to a bourbon or jaffa cake if she went the extra mile?

Oh, and when she grows out of it my thought is that I'll cut it down, wrap it around a card and frame it for her room. 

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