Sunday, 18 September 2011

One Day Monday

It's been a while since I've done one of these, but if you follow me on Pinterest you'll know it's not for lack of some great inspiration! 

Honestly I've just been enjoying my family a little more and with summer holidays, our anniversary and Izzy starting full time nursery school I had to decide to let some things go.

Sometimes in my life I realise that things just aren't working the way they need to be, whether that's down to me (normally) or other situations, but I have to look at my life and decide what I need to do, and when I need to let it go. And for a while I had to cut back a little on other things (that I enjoy!) while I got/get on track in other areas.

Do you ever find that?

Sometimes I just come to a realisation that I've not been doing some things that would really improve our family life or myself and have just been filling my time with 'things'. 

Like doing lots of organising and blogging and crafting and Pinterst (which I still do), but forgetting the more important things like reading my scriptures, playing often with my children, reading with them (which this project has really helped with) and connecting with my husband (we spend a lot of time in the same room but sometimes get in a rut of not having proper conversations and just going about our lives near each other). 

Maybe it's just me. I seem to have quite a bad memory, maybe one time of forgetting would be enough for most people! 

But now that I'm really trying to do these things life seems to be flowing a little easier. But don't get me wrong, there was a point last week where this post would have been taking a much more ranting tone!

Anyway, where's the eye candy?!

How cute is this tutu? Izzy would LOVE this! I'm actually going to make this after I've typed this up, because my scraps are taking over my kitchen! And yes it is made of scraps! Find the tutorial at The Wiegand's guest posted by adelynstone.

These look so easy! Only two pattern pieces you can cut yourself, and can even use old tees to make them! Plus there's even a variation for boys/wider leg for a stretchy trouser too! I'm thinking a great (dare I say?) Christmas present for babies and toddlers? Only an hour to make a set of three according to Ashley at Make it-Love it.

This would be a perfect present for either of my kids (maybe both). A matching game where you can even use fave characters, photos, alphabets etc. Find the how to at Martha Stuart. (But can someone tell me where I can find wooden tiles like these?!)

And because you know I've been going map crazy recently, a great idea with a little Mod Podge and a map from Maybe Matilda.

Enjoy your week!

And please let me know it's not just me who gets distracted by the 'things' in life...


  1. Like you I think I need to read my scriptures more too. I fill my time with random stuff rather than doing what I should actually be doing. Thank you Rhiannon!

  2. It's so easy to get side tracked by life. I know I've been feeling the same way. And unfortunately it seems that it's the important things that get pushed to the side. It's always nice to get a reminder of whats important so we can get back on track. :)
    P.S. It looks to me that those wooden tiles are scrabble pieces with paper over the letters.