Saturday, 22 January 2011


I love scrapbooking! Mostly because it's a great opportunity to look at really cute pictures of my children, plus I have rose tinted glasses on because they are always tucked snugly in bed and there's no sign of the tantrums, messes and general chaos that usually surrounds them! (which you can usually crop out of photos!)

I have little experience with scrapbooking compared to many but I'd like to share a couple of ideas that have worked for me.

In my pages I try to include as many photos as possible, but sometimes it can look a little disjointed or crowded, so for this one I used a rounded corner punch for the scrapbook paper and tied in the photos and the journalling by making the corresponding photo corners rounded too.

For our wedding page there were so many photos and people I wanted to include but knew I could never fit them all in, so when I saw the beginning photo in the prints pack (the one with all the mini images of all the photos) I thought to make a border using all those pictures. So I ended up with a cleaner page but still included all my pictures. Plus I think its a cool effect!

Here's a closer up shot. (sorry about the photo quality, I am currently without a camera and am using my phone. Our camera isn't broken, just without batteries and I refuse to buy more when I know I have about 20 rechargables hidden in different locations in the house!)

A last idea about using as many pictures in a scrapbooking page:

Just do a huge collage! :) This was of our first holiday as a family of three and I had so many pictures, so i cut them as close to the shot as I could and arranged them on the page and stuck down. Then a simple title just finishes it off. As an added bonus, when my daughter sees this page we turn it into a fun 'wheres the...' game. (Where's daddy? Where's the big stick?)

Hope this maybe gave you some new ideas. I have had a LOT of trial and error!

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