Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Bauble wreath

I know, I know we've only just had Christmas! But everything is really reduced right now so go out and buy some baubles for this really simple but gorgeous project.

(sorry about the poor quality photo, I did this after the kids were in bed!)

First you need a wire coat hanger and about 50 baubles of different sizes, I got mine in Wilkinsons for about £5 before christmas. Untwirl (if thats a real word) the coat hanger and bend it into a kind of open circular shape, it doesn't matter if it's not perfect, and bend over one end so it's in a closed up loop. Then start threading on your baubles. I just did mine randomly and it turned out just how I wanted.

To finish off I just threaded the open end of hanger through the loop end and then made a loop out of that and to close it up. To hang I just tied a ribon around the loop, which also hid the closure.

Ah so pretty! Please note this photo was also taken before Ethan had his whetabix :( poor runner.

Have good fun making it (and resisting putting up till christmas)!

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