Sunday, 30 January 2011

eenie meanie...

After hearing from my husband that he wanted money for valentines day (yes money the old romantic!) I got a little worried at what I might be getting. So I thought some internet window shopping was in order! I know, I know such a hardship. :)

Anyway I've recently found, it is an internet shop where sellers who make their own products can list them. There is so much that is original (and not a teddy from a card shop!)and beautiful, so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites from UK sellers. - Gorgeous and individual bags, part material and part knitted. - Stunning pieces made of felt, really intricate. I want a wrist cuff in every colour! - Some really unique and unusual pieces of jewelry, love this coin necklace. - Really original notebooks and writing sets, great designs! - This was my best find! They have stunning slides and jewelery, delicate and beautiful. - This has THE funkiest earrings and cuff links! My faves were these robot cuff links and little bird earrings, so cute!

Now which to choose?

p.s. i also love tulips! ;)


  1. Hi Rhiannon, I don't normally look at blogs but yours is my exception!! I will definitly look at the website above, cool ideas, makes me want to something:) Beth

  2. Thank you for featuring my bag. Have a happy weekend.

  3. Hi Rhiannon, firstly, thank you so much for visiting Etsy, there are so many beautiful things there to see and buy, I feel very priveliged that you chose to visit my shop. Im off now to have a read more of your blog....

  4. Hello, thank you for featuring my writing set! I hope your husband gets the hint! :-)