Sunday, 11 March 2012

One Day Monday

I finally got around to making a page for my home tour. The real and the ideal! Click on the page above to check it out and have a nosey around/judge at our messy house.

I feel like I've been really out of blogging for a while, and everything really! I've had flu for over a week now. I'm just starting to feel normal again, but it took it out of me for a while! 

In fact when looking around our now bomb site of a home I said to the hubs:

"I'm kind of glad that it's messy, it shows how much I normally do around the house. If it wasn't you'd either think I didn't do anything all day, or that I'm faking being ill."

To which the hubs is quiet for a second (which I thought was silent appreciation of my comparatively awesome home keeping skills), and then said; "Or you're really good at faking and you've been messing up the house while I've been at work..."

Crap, he's on to me!

The only good thing about the flu is it's a guilt free excuse to spend lots of time on Pinterest!

lace nails, so pretty

Where I can look at extremely practical ways to paint my nails.

2012-03-07 032

And think of projects that I absolutely have to do now. Instead of less important things like laundry, dusting or feeding the kids...

Created by Jill at Made it on Monday.

bow clutch

And of course clutch bags that I must have by our next date night. 

Why yes my husband loves it when I have a new bag for date night, he both notices and appreciates the effort that goes into choosing the right bag for the occasion/outfit and always compliments me on it. Found at Grits and Giggles.

And one that I've not actually found...I'm looking for a mustard-y colour rug for our living room. Now that we decided on bright green doors on our bookcase...

Any of you have a great place to look? Or have one you love? I'm thinking a simple pattern would be nice. But it needs to be cheap-ish. I'm willing to bargain with the hubs if it's awesome so that it can be a birthday present.

Enjoy your week.


  1. Hi!
    New follower from Tales of a Domestic Mama. Love that you are a crafty blogger mama too.


  2. I pinched your labelling idea for your ikea baskets. Done it all around the house, its sooo much neater now! x