Sunday, 24 July 2011

One Day Monday

So I have something I'd like to share before I get to some great projects. Every year our church has an athletics day where six of the churches in our area all get together and compete at field and track events. 

Yes we are all that fit.

Anyway, the last few years I've either been pregnant or recovering from having a when I have run I've not been very good. I did love running and was in the top few in my school for long distance, but recently...not so much. 


However a few months ago I was talking to my younger brother and telling him that I wanted to run well this year but wasn't sure whether to go for the 1500m or try for the 5000m. And he said something like "No offence but I think you should go with the 1500m, I'm not sure you could keep up with people like me in the 5k." 

Well I know he was just being honest.

But I went right ahead and worked my butt off (literally a bit too!) to make sure I could do that 5k...

Which I did yesterday!

No photos! (My face was pretty red! Not unlike the above photo.) But I ran the whole way. Came second (there was just two of us girls, but it still counts!). Then did a 100m relay, and then a 400m relay. 

Yes I'm crazy. And not doing much walking today!

Here's some much less self destructive things to do with your time.

Such a cute dress! And the best bit? Sadie from Craftiness is not Optional included a free tutorial and pattern! Gotta love a freebie.

What an amazing idea! Julie, guest posting at Skip to my Lou shared how she turned a little table from Ikea (think about £5), into a Lego table for her son. Brilliant! Plus my husband would actually get excited if I did this one!

This is art I could totally do! Plus is would fit in perfectly with the theme of this weeks Make it by Monday challenge...Nerissa and Peter from The New Domestic do a great how to and make it look so easy!

Enjoy your week!

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